Jonathan Ah Kit
Reading an issue of Time with 7% off… everything, literally.

So something, at least to my easily-amused mind happened to me lately. I wonder a little why I’m posting this, but so is my life.

[I haven’t posted for a while. I’ve been playing with Tumblr a little bit, for one thing. Being a busy stay-at-home housewife (yes, I’m a dude) is another.]

So this last week, I got a 'commemorative issue' of TIME magazine. Definitely pretty, but when I reached for it to read, something was amiss.

Really amiss. Like 7% off the cover. Just not the price (which would have been less than I usually get with subscribing).

7% was snipped off the side of the cover.

(I have measurements of the missing portion, as well as all of the other photographs of interest from this magazine copy, for the curious.)

Which would make, if I ordered it based on the design in TIME, the Obama birth certificate mug kind of difficult to drink from

... with a whole side of the mug missing, really hard to use...

… but at least the M&M’s weren’t destroyed, nor the birth control pills, though it was hard to read the context in which they were included in the issue.

I wasn't entirely sure about all of the issues about Obama and Christie visiting a storm shelter. nor was I about Representative Akin's views, though I did find out from other press sources.

If it were just small shorts that were cut off due to their distance from the margin, I guess things would have been funny. However, it became a comedic routine once I figured out whole parts of paragraphs of the cover article/story were missing.

As funny as I find it, it did make reading the cover story kind of disjointed, if not weird.

Ordinarily, I would not really worried, but this is kind of a really good issue that I would love to frame, being not far from a Michaels, at some stage. Maybe I should try my luck asking TIME for another one. I am kind of not sure, but we’ll see.

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